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Women's Retreat


Purposeful Retreats

Rediscover Your PASSION AND live Your life with PURPOSE!

A retreat is an excellent opportunity to take quality time out to engage, connect, be creative and reflect with self and others — a time to remove personal and professional tension, and rebuild relationships. This is a chance for women going through change, whether reaching the golden age of 40+ and beyond and going through either divorce, loss, menopause, relationships, health, sexual, financial, career issues, the list is endless! Women Talk have a wealth of professional, experiences consultants who have become friends and part of our Women Talk community that can help you think about what ought to be — and devise steps to get there.


Women are more productive, happier and motivated when they feel a greater sense of involvement in establishing their own goals and ideals. A carefully-planned retreat motivates women because it enlists their creative participation in setting goals and contributing to decisions. Just as important, effective retreats produce concrete approaches for tackling long-standing and difficult personal and professional problems.

There’s so much more to life to enjoy, and getting older should not be seen as something to be feared. The Women Talk team and I will definitely support you in your Golden Years!

We Need Your Support Today!

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