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Women Talk Passion & Purpose Retreat

Welcome to Women Talk Passion & Purpose Themed Retreats, where we create retreats and workshops for women to re-discover their passion and purpose. You have what it takes to do anything no matter what age you are.

Women Talk Passion & Purpose Retreat
Women Talk Passion & Purpose Retreat

Time & Location

24 Nov, 3:00 PM GMT – 26 Nov, 2:00 PM GMT

Location is TBD

About the Event

Embracing the wisdom that comes with age is a transformative journey. 

At Women Talk, we firmly believe that your potential knows no bounds, regardless of your age. The notion that options narrow as the years pass is a misconception we're here to challenge.

As we navigate our 40s, 50s, and beyond, our perspectives may shift, but age should never be a barrier to living a vibrant and fulfilling life. Each day presents an opportunity for growth and fulfillment, and this opportunity is yours for the taking.

A retreat offers a precious window to immerse yourself in meaningful connections, self-reflection, creativity, and genuine engagement with others. It's a sanctuary to release the burdens of personal and professional life, and to rebuild and strengthen relationships. For women in the midst of life's transitions — whether it be reaching the golden age of 40 and beyond, facing divorce, coping with loss, navigating menopause, or grappling with issues related to relationships, health, sexuality, finances, or career — Women Talk is here for you.

Within our Women Talk community, you'll find a treasure trove of seasoned, compassionate consultants who are not just advisors, but friends who stand beside you. Together, we'll chart a course toward the life you envision.

Most women seek meaning in their life's work, from nurturing children to pursuing personal aspirations. However, for many, the age of 40, 50, or 60+ can feel like a juncture of stagnation. In the midst of demanding responsibilities and mounting pressures, it's crucial to recognize that every action contributes to your passion and purpose, propelling you towards an envisioned future.

Empowering women to shape their own goals and ideals leads to heightened productivity, contentment, and motivation. A thoughtfully designed retreat not only encourages creative input in goal-setting but also yields actionable strategies for addressing longstanding personal and professional challenges.

Take the first step by completing our Event Registration, and let's craft a retreat tailored to your unique journey — one you'll genuinely relish and find invaluable. Your transformative experience awaits!

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