Are Women hiding their talents?

How To Discover Your Talent

The human potential is vast and far-reaching. Within each of us are seeds of potential which, when nurtured, help us find out who we are and give us the opportunity make ourselves and the world around us better.

But how do you begin to unravel your potential for the incredible journey of life? Some talents we know immediately, based on our natural inclinations and personalities. Some may take a little more work digging up.

The key in finding your talent and the things that you are good at is to engage in life. We discover our talents and gifts by exploring and engaging in hobbies, activities, and learning experiences within a formal academic setting or even in casual occasions with family and friends.

The more we do things, the more we learn of ourselves, and knowing ourselves is life’s most important tenet. So, go out and explore new things. Find activities to do by yourself and with other people. Indulge in creative hobbies such as arts and crafts. By continuously exploring and engaging with yourself and world around you, you will soon find out what your strengths are, which will give you an idea of what your talents and gifts are and how you can cultivate it.

Think of something that you know you don’t like or are not inclined to do – and do it anyway. Knowing yourself means exploring everything there is about you – what you like, what you find interesting, and the unknown facets that you have yet to explore. Break the cliché and go beyond expectations and societal norms. We should not let ourselves be hemmed in by preconceived notions of gender roles and expectations. Instead, push your boundaries each day. There is no glass ceiling to talents and gifts. If you have it, go for it.

Another way to discover your talent is to take a look at what you naturally gravitate to when you’re relaxing on the weekend. Do you cook? Do you go out and trek through rugged terrain? Do you go out camping? Do you find yourself drawn to writing and reading? Do you play a sport? Do you take out your sketch book and draw the day away? Do you find yourself hanging out with your friends, the life of the party? You get the picture. The things we do when we are most relaxed say a lot about who we are as a person and what we are good at.

Mentors can also help you find your talent. Sometimes we get lost and it’s alright to tell the world that hey, at this point in my life, I don’t know what I’m good at and I don’t know what I want. This is where your relationships come in – your network of support from family and friends to community and mentors – to give you insights and feedback. We know ourselves best, yes, but sometimes, an external source of information can provide us another viewpoint that is objective and pragmatic.

Talent is passion and about the heart. But it is also something that needs grit, hard work, and logic. Discovering your gifts is a balance of following your heart and doing what you love while being realistic and honest with what and where your gifts life, what you can do well, and what you can do excellently. And again, it is alright to feel a little lost, to feel a little overwhelmed. Everybody feels this way at one point in life or the other, but always, we can take a break, take a rest, and regain our footing.

Now, you have an idea what your talents and strengths are. The next question is – what do you do with it? Whether your talent is natural and inborn or the result of tireless effort and dedication, gifts need to be nurtured. It is our responsibility to develop the talents that we have, and this means investing in ourselves thru education, specialized training, and of course, constant and consistent practice.

Make use of the resources that you have to hone your skills, gifts, and talents. Take up free courses online and offline. Seek out groups with the same interest. Soak up information from books, from news, from the myriad of content available to you. Take the time to list down and study yourself – what are your passions, what is valuable to you, and what are your ambitions in life.

And if you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who can guide you and help you find purpose and passion in your personal life and professional career.

We cultivate our talents for ourselves, as part of our journey towards self-fulfillment and self-actualization. We also do it for others. No matter how small or big, our talents and the gift of ourselves, given to the community and to the world, is a selfless act that bring beauty and joy. The thing is, you may think that your gift is not so exemplary or special but we never know what it could mean to others to see it. Our gifts and talents draw from our life experiences, and what we come up with it – a meal, a poem, a heartfelt performance on stage, an excellent game on the court – can inspire and uplift lives.

What you do with your talent and your gifts lie ultimately on you. If you want to, do it for yourself, nurture it in the comfort and solitude of your home, and be inspired. Share it to the people around you, and let the world enjoy your gifts and talents. There is no right or wrong way for as long as you know what you are comfortable with. Your talent does not define who you are – it is simply another part of what makes you uniquely you.

Finding your talent is not a competition nor is it the end-all of our life’s purpose. Ultimately, it is a journey that is personal and fulfilling. Navigating the road towards finding and nurturing our gifts – it can be tricky. That’s why it is important for us to have a strong sense of self, a strong sense of who we are, of what we can do, of what we want to do with our lives. It also helps to have a strong network of support, of people who understand you and who will support you through ups and downs. Your family, your friends, your mentors, your mentees – the give and take of love, kindness, and support is vital to growing as a person and into the gifts that we have.

Every person is gifted with talents. We are wondrous creations, complex and unique. Some have big, interesting, and loud talents while some have softer and more subtle gifts. But what we must always remember is that every gift is significant, every gift is an inspiration, and every gift is a force of goodness.

So don’t compare yourself to others and their talents because we have all been blessed with different gifts, and we all have our roadmaps to follow. Comparing yourself to others is the easiest way to get discouraged and disappointed, leading you to disregard the beauty of your own gifts.

You are your own person, and the world is all the better for your gifts and talents.

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