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by Happiness Emeche

“Champions don't work to keep working, they work to get things work for them.

They work for their Money to get their money work for them.

They work on their Network to reset their net worth.

Everything they seem to be doing today is directed at productivity and having them do less of the same tomorrow”.

–Happiness Emeche.

You have been on a steady lane of cash flow, loss, and expenses without the seemingly productive strategy of getting your today's hard work, work for you, not at retirement level please, but right before then.

You should function on the mindset of creating a system of cash flow that allows you to live your prospective dreams without calling it waste or claiming bankruptcy afterwards.

Having come this far from your hard work and resilience wouldn't you appreciate a special jacuzzi bath and barbecue meal for a treat. I'm sure you will.

A time to chill away from the stress or carry out a social responsibility that'll impact thousands of lives without having to double check expenses afterwards.

A time when you could take a long break from the office without hurting your account balance and financial confidence.

Everyone has for the umpteenth time craved for themselves a real life, living your dreams and affecting many lives but of which we've not had a chance at a few of them.

Hakun namatata…

Right before a full house is built, a few bricks and blocks would lay on each other to achieve that.



Getting a source of income and planning to get another one is good. Being an employee is great but having to do another business of your own makes it much more interesting and fulfilling.

Being the one to foot the unending bills and demands of society, you must become income inquisitive and develop content and strategy to be sure of another reasonable pay, as no bill pays itself.

Being an entrepreneur is having a better chance of extending an income stream much more easily compared to the employee. Maintaining a steady Cash flow in season and out of season is well obtainable when there are different sources of Wealth Generation/Creation.

Wealth is generated and created by a few strategies when implemented

● Solve problems: Providing solutions to existing problems is a quick way to make money!!! You're into an industry where a certain part of it is neglected with proven facts but you're of a different opinion that this needs urgent attention and can possibly drive traffic.

You could apply a few business tactics and on your first launch the attention and traffic all become yours.

Problems are everywhere all you need to do is to find the solutions to be the next multi-millionaire, but as usual nobody seems to be seeing it as wealth and we all are caught in complaining over a simple challenge.

To identify problems around you, find out what's been a challenge overtime to your industry and society.

I also teach that a close look into UN SDG's can produce a multi-million dollar business. The SDG's solve global societal problems that almost every society faces.

Deciding to understand the SDG's would put huge solutions in your hands and help you live Impactful.

● Create an inner circle: People tend to agree that the quality of their thoughts and actions rapidly changes with associating with likeminded individuals.

Keeping a wealthy company exposes you to the do's and don'ts of wealth creation in your area of business.

You can leverage on the experiences and exposure of those in your inner circle during the decision making of your business or organization.

Your inner circle will create a passion for you to be driven to be successful and achieve your goals. You are privileged to get firsthand information on some things they are doing and the results, that alone keeps you up and doing and increases your productivity level.

● Network: The popular saying is that your network determines your net worth. How true it is. Wealth increase can happen for a person with the right connections.

Opportunities are readily available without lobbying. Having to network well will help you become noticeable and raise your profile in what you do, from the right influential people.

Placing value on relationships could be life changing, one referral might be all your business needs to reach the wealth you deserve.

● Learn about the business: To generate or create wealth as you have imagined also means applying the laws that govern business. Business success will not happen without consciously or unconsciously applying the rules.

Sign up for a course, school or mentorship that could teach you the means to wealth creation for your business.

● Fascinating business: This coins the magic of emotions into creation unusual wealth. Connect to your audience emotionally by letting them know that you feel what they feel and creating products and services that relate. They'll all buy from you, and your wealth becomes pronounced.

*Expertise: By way of expertise in your industry any innovation to better the industry would be welcomed, thereby creating a means for more cash flow to subscribers in the industry. You can set the pace and make a mark in that industry while waking up to more alerts.

*Consistency: By showing up consistently, you build trust more people will know your product or service and will buy from your craft or innovation

Double for Noble. There'll be a rush to a business that delivers adequately and promptly.

Always be ready to push valuable offers that catch your customers. Then they'll always come back, and all your streams of income will start to increase making you a profit from your input.


Structuring a business is fundamental to generating income that works!!!

Any business model implemented will function to determine the output, productivity, sales and cash flow from a business.

Structuring your business in four ways help.

IN-PERSON AND IN-ABSENCE: Any business that's able to function the same in the absence of its owner as in their presence and produce as many results is perfect for generating income that works. It is wise for a business owner to structure their businesses such that their absence doesn't tamper on the effectiveness and productivity of staff.

This strategy allows for legacy in business or organization as it's standard can be upheld longer and by many persons in the absence of its founder.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Legally backup the code of conduct in your business or organization ranging from inter-staff relationship to business relationships and be quick to take adequate actions as signed and agreed by all. All staff are made to know that nobody’s above the law.

It goes a long way to maintain a sane working environment.

VISION ORIENTED: Every single member of your work force is expected to carry the vision of the business as their own. By this, everyone's on the go for the success of the business.

When you structure your business so that every single win is everyone's win and every single lose is everyone's loss, that's a business producing outstanding results every time.

PEOPLE ORIENTED: Very similar to being Vision oriented. The more esteemed people are to a business the more they seem to also raise the profile of your business. This allows word of mouth marketing from customers a sure bet, which is one fast way to grow your business.

Structuring a business involves leveraging a sustainable modus operandi for your business or organization to generate income that works.

*Updating and advancing

In creating a workable structure for your business Updating and Advancing the system is something you shouldn't neglect. Operate in such a way that the structure is liable to be updated on a regular basis. It mustn't be static but subject to cautious change for the betterment of the organization.


Any business that isn't generating profit can waste your time, efforts, and money. Therefore, get professional advice for your business investment, employ accountants and implement financial systems to manage funds to avoid risking huge losses.

The two popular ways of investment include;

*Corporate investment: Where you put in funds to get funds for the business. You could invest a non-financial investment ie time, management skills, resources to secure another favor for your business the premise is that one good turn deserves another.

Businesses enjoy massive profits from reasonable and professional investments.

*People investment: People are assets. Your customers determine if you're still in business or not. Society will have a say in getting your business the accolades they deserve.

Every business comprises of staff, customers, and onlookers, which all deserve equal and preferential treatments. Your staff must be appreciated, your customers are always right and the onlookers should have an insight of your potential.

“Happiness Emeche is a Soul Winner, Author and Entrepreneur. Director, Bowl of Testimonies Int'l”.

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