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Maintaining Your motivation

I hope that the year is off to a good start. If you work in the public sector in the UAE, then I hope that you are adjusting well to the new working week. Some have known Friday to be a weekend for the longest time and we empathize with the time it might take for you to adjust. For the ex-pats who are used to Saturdays and Sundays as weekends, I guess the adjustments might be a bit easier for you. Whatever the case, I hope that the year is going to be your best yet.

Let’s talk about motivation today and how to maintain it. From where I come in Nigeria, the word motivation has almost lost its meaning because of “Motivational Speakers”. People have become weary of being motivated because it feels like a quick emotional fix. However, I am here to help us have a deeper look into the concept of motivation and why we all need to have it and maintain it.

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” – Mary Kay Ash

There are three definitions that the Oxford online dictionary gave for motivation and I’d like to unpack them with you.

Dictionary definition 1 - “a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way”.

First of all, why do you act the way you do? This brings to mind the book by Tim Lahaye ‘Why you act the way you do’ - I recommend it if you are yet to read it. It explores your temperament and explains to you why you act the way you do and also helps you put this knowledge to good use and have a great life. So, when you hear the word motivation, think about your ‘reason’. What are your reasons for acting a certain way, once you are clear on the reason then you can reinforce it or discard it if it does not serve your purpose? This will lead me to my first point on how to maintain your motivation;


Dictionary definition 2 “desire or willingness to do something; enthusiasm”.

What are you enthusiastic about that points to your motivation. For some, it is the need to be rich and famous, for others it is the need for significance and the ability to impact their world positively. So for you to maintain your motivation, your desire has to be deep. If you only wish you get something or become someone, you might lose motivation along the way, however, if your desire to be and have is strong and deeply rooted, then your motivation game is on. So, as we journey into this year, ensure that you have a deep and strong desire to achieve your goals and you’d see that regardless of the curve balls that life will throw at you this year, you’d reach your goal because you’ll stay motivated.


Dictionary definition 3 - “a set of facts and arguments used in support of a proposal”.

This particular definition is attributed to South Africa. It states that a set of facts and arguments can serve as a motive for something, an idea, or a project. So what are some facts that back up your goals, or what are your arguments that those goals you have set for yourself are deserving and worthy of you? Let me share a fact with you, it is a fact that you are capable of anything you put your mind to achieve. So, you need to convince yourself that your goals are achievable and that you are the person for the job, that way you keep your motivation juice flowing until your goals are achieved.


Which of these definitions of motivation resonates with you most? Please share in the comment if your motivation to achieve your goals for the year is refreshed.

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