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Women Talk Today Spotlight Series is an initiative to shine a light on women in our community.

To showcase the amazing work that they do and let the world see how amazing they are and how they are impacting our world for good.

To kick off this series, our spotlight today is Mulki Akinyi. Founder of Creative Malika Foundation.

Why did you start this business?

I come from a middle-class family but during my primary school days, I used to observe a few things and found things that made me concerned. For instance, at certain government primary schools, there were a few things that highlighted differences and begged for attention such as:

In the same classroom you would see pupils with classy backpack bags with their favourite Anime Characters like “Sofia the first, Ben 10, Moana, Frozen etc) and others carrying their books in nylons or sacks

In the same classroom, you would see pupils with known brands of shoes like “toughees, BATA etc” and others wearing sandals (English sounds better but in Swahili, we call them CHAMPALI ) in fact torn ones, or normal school shoes but torn

In the same classroom, you could see girls who menstruate on their days wearing The best Sanitary pads brands and when they’re due they have panty liners whereas other girls used rags and some using cartons among other improper menstrual products

In the same school, same uniform but you would see others in good well-ironed uniforms whereas others in torn skirts, shirts and shorts with patches (in Swahili we call them Viraka / Mtoboko); this was worse because there were others nicknamed their current state of life for instance if your uniform is so torn you’ll be called Mtoboko

These and some other reasons were why I started the foundation with the core objective to eradicate extreme poverty in Africa. It took me a while to get here, after several inner battles of being a multi-talented person and yet not being able to lend a helping hand. But I am glad today that I was able to come to terms with how to be a change agent.

Who are you serving?

We serve the populace living below the International Poverty Line

The vulnerable, people living in marginalized areas in Kenya with a goal to implement across Africa!

Other work we have done to help the community and that I am passionate about are;

Reusable pad training; this was in partnership with The Period MAN . To help address Period Poverty. We did the training in Kilifi county. I have delivered a number of those training workshops in different counties and soon delivering another one next month in Siaya and Nakuru county .

Midway last year, in partnership with DAWAAN (health and beauty brand) we made sanitizers and took a shipment to a community in the marginalized areas - Ganze, since the place lacks water and proper sanitation we also followed this up with hygiene skill development equipping all ages of the community.

Where can you be found online and offline?

Online: IG/Twitter @creativemalkia (personal account)


IG @ cmfoundation_africa

Or On WhatsApp +254 718 143 815

Offline: Calls : +254 718 143 815

How can people support your work?

We would love to have many beneficiaries across Africa and so we are open to partnership/donation/funds and be part world’s global visions (Sustainable Development Goals)

Tell us something fun about you?

I am a multifaceted person and gifted in many areas.

I’m a great chef, I have a great sense of humour and I am an excellent home decorator.


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