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Currently, the wheels of the clock have turned harshly against the plaguing DISCOMFORT attached to being a female in Global society. It has become amazingly interesting that the woman is now at liberty to Live out her dreams and be happy!

The Woman Delight is that SHE can be truly happy and fulfil her deepest dreams. That she's no longer plunged with a mindset that society will fight her Happiness and Success! I am Hope to many, a support system to my family, an expert in my field and a voice for many Generations; that's the Woman Delight!

Have you ever had thoughts of not being able to kick-start your Golden desires? Hold on, is there any Fear somewhere within you that, you cannot truly live happily?

Hell no! Step out today, and unapologetically smash those goals! Live your desires and truly be happy. Cheers

Being a woman is not a condition that pushes you to redundancy and unhappiness.

Every woman deserves to be happy! No woman is satisfied with lazying about or doing nothing! The more she's tasked! The more delighted she is!

Amidst all there is to your femininity, there are a few Natural propellers to your Success

1. Your Femininity - Every feminine attribute inherent in you is a pointer to what your Success becomes

2. Excellence drive - Every woman is Excellence driven in every field she finds herself in! She doesn't want to play small or even manhandle her enterprise! For every small piece, she's sure to showcase the best!

3. Commitment- Have you wondered how you carry a child for 9 whole months in your womb, deliver and still nurse that child?! Committed

That's a lot already! Boss up woman and unleash the essence inside of you


There's never a time where your natural propellers become extinguished! But there are times when you seem not to be seeing or noticing them

Activate your Natural Propellers through;

Positivity: Positive energy will keep your Natural Propellers up and on whenever matters of your Success play out! Nothing kills your propellers more than negativity! Feed your being always with the best affirmations and events! You're just that Woman Super Star we've been waiting for! We might not see it because you've not had as much positive energy to show it to us!

Right association: My productivity rate is most of the time determined by the health of my Relationships! The more I roll with those who love me, have the same goal as mine and are as productive as I am, that's the more my propellers see a soft landing to play out! And, this is true for many, try it out

Passion: Sick about your task? Check your passion level. Without passion your propellers might just be doing their jobs but to no avail! Stay on things you love! It works!

Pick your flights: Everything shouldn't lead you to thoughts! Come on. In your homes, picking every single error of your partner wouldn't make your falling relationship work.

Your mind must be pure enough to create enough room for your propellers to be really active

Before you throw in your last cards and give up. Put your propellers to work and effectively harness their beauty.

Hope you know: Your Happiness is sure! Your Success is certain! That's why you have this message reaching you here and now!

Now in the Favour of the woman, Life has no super-say over your Nature and Design from God. It's now definitely up to you to make the move towards your Success and Happiness.

Nothing works except you make it work! Nothing changes except you make it change.

You're designed for MORE

Declare: I'm made to be Happy! I have a Gracious Life!

Our Blog Contributor

Happiness Emeche

She is a Soul Winner, Author, Media Professional and Entrepreneur. She heads the First African Independent Christian Media Agency, Bowl of Testimonies Int'l. She is the Founder of Club 10, where several young adults have been coached towards Purposeful Living, Impact Making and Academic Excellence. She is the Lead Facilitator and Host of Global Prayer Time with Happiness Emeche. Her skill in writing is pronounced as she has been involved with a few Writing Academies and will be publishing her Novel soonest. Anticipate!!! She also scarcely trains authors and writers, with the goal to raise award winning and results oriented authors. Be sure to get a perfect cover for your professional events and audio books from her. She has a voice so unique and a top notch choice of words! Her Values have always been Faith, Integrity, Excellence and Character.

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Thank you for this Happiness, I really like your take on activating your natural propellers, great advice for women everywhere!😍

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