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WomenTalk Club

‘’It's the change you can feel and see – that makes you amazing!’’

Women Talk Club is a vibrant and welcoming community, specially designed as a haven for women to connect, share, and empower one another. Within its warm and supportive atmosphere, women from diverse backgrounds come together to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and forge lasting friendships.


Whether you're looking for a safe space to discuss important issues, seek advice, or simply unwind with like-minded individuals, Women Talk Club offers a nurturing environment where every woman's voice is valued and heard. It's a place where women can uplift and inspire each other, fostering personal growth and solidarity.


Join us at Women Talk Club and become a part of this incredible sisterhood, where the power of connection knows no bounds.

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Choose your pricing plan

  • Full Membership

    Every month
    • Access to Weekly Seminars
    • Group Outings
    • Discounted Events
    • Special Guest Speakers
    • Learning Lunch Webinars
    • Professional & Personal Accountability Coaching
    • Social Games & Activities
    • Brunch Networking
    • Women’s Conferences
    • Discount on Work Life Balance & Self Care Retreat
    • Health & Wealth Sessions
  • Oline Membership

    Every month
    • Webinar
    • Seminar
    • Workshops
    • Discount to events
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