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Women Talk Retreats

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Join Us & Get Involved

We want you take advantage of this focused time away to strategize for the future. Scheduled workshops led by consultants’ experts in their field in the areas of mindfulness, relationship building, self care & wellness, fitness & detox, goal setting, meditation & yoga, passion & purpose will help you to excel and feel amazing!

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Helen Tucker - Founder

A retreat is an excellent opportunity to take quality time out to engage, connect, be creative and reflect with self and others — a time to remove personal and workplace tension, and rebuild relationships.

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Ejiro Osakede - Marketing 

Women are more productive and motivated when they feel a greater sense of involvement in establishing their life, career and business goals and ideals.

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Felzina - Photographer

She has captured all of our Women Talk events giving those who did not attend the opportunity to live through her pictures.

In Person

Beach hotels in Ghana & Dubai


Reduced costs to attend online

Focus on Self Care

Whether you're an executive, an employee, in between jobs, a carer, home maker, or entrepreneur you need self-care and work-life balance skills more than ever, because most probably you often work overtime. We will provide a wellness retreat that includes time for a yoga class, a spa visit, all the services that will allow you to recharge and return to your schedule refreshed and energised.

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Meet, Greet & Share

Our Transformational Retreat will bring together women from different ages, cultures, experiences and backgrounds an insightful, fun and relaxing experience. Women will be able to determine what areas of their lives they need to focus on the most.


It will allow women to let go of stress and worry, and where they will be encouraged and supported to share in a safe and positive environment. Activities that stimulate deep thought relaxation, detox and mediation will encourage connection and bonding.

Empowering Women

At Women Talk we look at the whole person, the whole life in context. We know that without self-care and work-life balance, life can be pretty miserable and lack joy and substance. We find out what the participants needs are, where their energy is being drained, or where they are being too comfortable.


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