Becoming Older and Wiser

You may believe that your life is capped when you reach a certain age. That as you grow older, your options are limited and there is not much for you to do in your personal and professional life, like changing careers or studying or pursuing a new venture. We at Women Talk Today simply do not believe these to be true! You have what it takes to do anything no matter what age you are!

Getting older is getting wiser. And while the way we see and do things may change as we hit our 40s, 50s and 60s, age is not a hindrance and should not stop us from continuing to live a full and satisfying life. Every day is an opportunity, and yes, that opportunity is also there for you!

If you find yourself feeling anxious and unsure of yourself and your place in a ‘young’ workplace, we’d like to share with you some amazing things that you can do in your personal life, in your workplace, and in your communities, which you may have not realized yet:

1. Be A Mentor

In the workplace, experience is very valuable. The more senior members of an organization have accumulated the experience and the knowledge that gives them a unique perspective in navigating internal and external challenges. At the peak of your knowledge, experience, and wisdom, you are in the perfect position to mentor the next generation of leaders, in particular, younger women just entering the workforce. Aside from helping them learn the ropes of the organization, your mentorship can also mean giving young women the assurance of a strong foundation and a nurturing relationship. We’ve all been young and scared before when we started our first jobs – your presence and support will mean a lot to your junior employees.

Do make yourself available to your colleagues, especially the junior ones. Offer your help, if they want to. Express your willingness to mentor younger employees. Don’t shy or pull away from the organization. Join the company get-togethers or team-building activities.

2. Share And Preserve Skills And Traditions

What a wealth of knowledge and experience women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s possess! They boast a veritable mine of knowledge and skills which they have picked up growing up while straddling different generations and eras. Some of these skills may be getting lost in today’s digital age – so what better way to preserve them than by sharing them with others? Cooking classes, arts and crafts, gardening, traditional recipes – these and more are priceless contributions that you can share to the world, preserving not only important skills but also tradition, history and culture, and identity. A great example and delightful example of this can be seen in the stories of the Pasta Grannies in YouTube, where older members of the community share their pasta-making skills and traditions.

Do write down your family’s and community’s traditions. Keep journals as they are important documents chronicling your experiences and thoughts. Teach and pass down your skills to younger members in the family and community. Don’t isolate yourself. Don’t think that you no longer have a purpose – you do!

3. Give Back To The Community

Women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s have a great influence over their communities. They are natural leaders who can serve as pillars of their community. They can contribute their inputs in community gatherings, help set local activities and services, and direct community policies and governance. There are many ways that you can give back to the community and it usually means putting yourself out there to be involved with your friends, neighbors, schools, and community centers. You can also serve as representative of the older generation, and your presence in local community affairs will mean that you can put forward the needs and concerns of older women and men.

4. Learn Something New

It is never too late to learn something new! Learning a new skill or a new hobby is a great way to keep ourselves sharp, physically and mentally. Information and knowledge are now plentiful and most importantly, easily accessible, so we can learn anything we want – a new language, how to paint, a craft skill like calligraphy, a sport – in our own time and in our own pace. It’s important to know that while we may experience limitations in learning new things, that doesn’t mean we can’t do it anymore. It’s all about adjusting our mindset. We are no longer young but that’s not a bad thing. We just have to do things differently.

5. Change Careers? Why Not?!

Older women should not be afraid to start over in a new career! It’s never too late to start again, if you want to, and we should be open to pushing out of our comfort zones to grow personally and professionally.

It is natural to be apprehensive when thinking of switching or starting a new careers at a later age. After all, it puts us in a vulnerable place. But remember, you also bring with you a solid slate of experience, skills, and knowledge. You bring to the table a different set of advantages such as organizational skills and clear objectives. You know how to work in and for an organization. And if you keep learning new things and upgrading your skills as we told you in item number 4, you are more than ready to take on new careers and new ventures.

If you’re planning to take that leap to a new career, do make sure to keep your skills set updated. Take career development, growth, and mentorship programs. Create a plan of action. You know where you are and you know where you want to go – start from there.

6. Go On An Adventure

Take the time to treat yourself to the adventure or experience that you have always wanted to take. Life in your 50s or 60s is not about settling for less because you’re getting older. Retirement is not a lonely road! In fact, it’s an opportunity to do the things that you’ve always wanted too now that you’ve got all things of importance squared away and attended too. Take a holiday, go on a trip, and see the world. Treat yourself to a musical or an opera. Open yourself to new experiences – you deserve it. Life is the full spectrum – it doesn’t get duller the more we age. It just gets better.

Embrace getting older! There’s so much more to life to enjoy, and getting older should not be seen as something to be feared. We at Women Talk Today support you!

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