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For The Queen

By Happiness Emeche

Making an unequivocally valuable mark in my industry and causing a global heat for a mind shift, I have masterminded positive development and influenced the creation of unbeatable structures for global productivity!

I present to you myself THE QUEEN!

Listen to your own voice above, that's you speaking! You probably have not bothered to pay attention to what the real you is saying to you and the world at large.

No longer a message from the victimized, opposed, unreasonable, less productive, injured woman nowhere but from the slum or gates selling her own panties to penniless, uncultured and untrained ingrates, who most likely molest and abuse them senselessly. Not anymore.

You represent the voice of an industrious, value adding, influential and care giving woman putting all efforts to see that all she's to do, she delivers and all that she's made to be, she becomes!

Tragedy to the bias that women are not expected to take the path to Destiny and Greatness but to stay submissive in their homes and bear a good name in the society. She's becoming a Wonder to this pronounced bias, as more than being afflicted and inflicted, she is impactful and invited and stranger to the unhealthy provocation from sentiments and bias.


I don't have an idea on what Business I should be doing.

Everybody is buying and selling stuff, I think I should too.

I'm so talented yet, I can't even afford myself a meal.

Purpose is not new to our ears anymore. But, if you sound like any of these, it's high time you set yourself up and genuinely answer these questions.

And when you do this, you'll be a step closer to figuring out your purpose with outstanding clarity.


Is there something you love doing? What are the success stories that catch your attention?

What knowledge interests you?

Passion is something you love doing and something you can put in extra efforts to achieve.

Passion turns a mountain of tasks to little.

Passion lubricates the engine of your Success and Discovery of Purpose


Most times, People make out of your uniqueness and special stories a name that best describes your strength and ability.

Consider what aspect of your endeavor that people think is best!

By paying more attention to only the better opinion people have of the, the better career you build.


Get a journal and clearly state those who are of great inspiration and motivation to you. Find out more about their career and lifestyle and how it connects to yours.


The Future is controlled by the decisions you make today.

The deafening noise of the past must be rewritten by an outstanding today.

An outstanding today will give will power to a courageous tomorrow.

Ensure to live right today so that you'll be able to look your future self in the eye and present a warm handshake.

Your worth can be influenced by your past actions and events. The better decisions and actions you employ today, the more worth you build.

Worth is the excellence of character, resourcefulness, usefulness or value on display by a person.

Worth causes a high influence on preceding actions and opinions.


Knowing your worth, protecting its dignity is next in line!

Your worth should be protected by high esteem of oneself, right use of words, know when to say no and know whom to shut out.

On doing these, YOUR ASSOCIATION is influenced, and POSITIVE SELF IMAGE becomes a norm.


A person who knows his worth is at a better chance at career and business. Whatever be the case, be big on pricing your worth on any good or service you render!

You build a business and career that's filled with content, present yourself well and don't feel selfish to be paid or earn from your hard work. It's the hands that work, that'll be blessed.


After much said, building your worth cannot be overemphasized because the globe is much spherical and dynamic cutting different edges daily and moving on a steady.

The worth you build today is an equipment for the future.


Beating yourself over what's not working or why it's not working. Captivated by a pain you caused yourself and unforgiving about your defenselessness.

You've become a prisoner to your desires and slave in your palace.

Your life is your sure business to display the majesty and splendor alive in your mind.

Free from the bondage of your past and guilt.

Shatter those mirrors showing your old self, it could be some friends, delete their contacts and stop the hangouts!

It could be some place with those memories, relocate and leave your past behind.

Down to clothes or photos, burn them up and relive.

Have you wondered why you've made more and greater wins in the past compared to now? You couldn't let go.

You were locked up, right inside your own palace, right inside your own courts and right on your stage… Playing the victim instead of the Amazon you are.

Free yourself by living the uncommon life you've always dreamt of.


More: Made for more should be crested on your heart and palms. You'll never come to a point where you've attained the limit of your Success. Your Success is in phases from one to another.

Endeavor to scale your success by the number of lives you've impacted!

An industrial might forget your 8 hours of labour but men will never forget your plate of ice cream or glass of water or as little as your kind words.

There's nothing like your Success limit or Unachievable by you!

Affirm daily:

● I am beautiful

● I am great

● I am a complete lady

● I am full of essence

● I am backed up by grace

The amazing things you say to yourself daily frames your mind and life. The help in times of helplessness and need. They offer courage to take up your life.

A culture of daily affirmations gives you the zest to regain opportunity and relive dreams.

Reformation: Make being reformed by truth a regular experience. Unlearn, Relearn and Learn truth from the right source and regularly keep yourself on a path of truth, goodness and reasoning.

Never make decisions in selfish ways. Set up your mind to see people become and society become better.

No Queen receives regard without continuous and conscious display of her regalia. For the Queen, it is for you.

No known Queen walks around with her guards down or defenseless..

Happiness Emeche is a Soul Winner, Author and Entrepreneur. Director, Bowl of Testimonies Int'l”

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